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Alpha Committed to Goals of SCTE's Energy 2020 Plan

alpha 092015 energy2020 lapelThis week Alpha reaffirms its commitment to meet or exceed the goals of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) Energy 2020 plan. From manufacturing headend powering equipment which meets or exceeds the SCTE 186 standard, to supplying outside plant power supplies which have the industry’s highest efficiency ratings ever offered, Alpha stands ready to help SCTE and MSO’sprepare for an energy efficient future.

Energy 2020 is the future for advancement of comprehensive energy strategies for the cable/broadband industry. The primary goal is to create standards that will be incorporated into cable network equipment requirements to help improve equipment efficiency and reduce growing energy consumption and costs. In the U.S alone, it’s estimated power usage for cable/broadband could grow annually from $1 billion to as much as $4 billion by 2020.

Alpha’s goal is to leverage its 40 years of pioneering power technology and innovation to continue supplying the global cable/broadband industry with the most reliable, efficient, technologically advanced and cost-effective powering solutions and services.

To help the SCTE Energy 2020 plan to transform the cable/broadband energy footprint, Alpha is committed to:

  • Leveraging renewable energy technologies to help MSO’s increase overall reliability while reducing dependence on grid-supplied power.
  • Designing and delivering the most innovative and technologically advanced high-efficiency equipment for critical facilities and outside plant powering, from power supplies to high performance batteries. 
  • Increasing awareness of Alpha’s Preventative Maintenance Program to help reduce power costs and consumption through regular maintenance.
  • Demonstrating the opportunities for optimizing energy purchasing, consumption and planning through Alpha’s consulting services. 

As demand for communication access and network sophistication grows, Alpha Technologies is embracing this opportunity to help the industry prepare for the energy needs of the future.


Andrew Azure
Alpha Marketing Communications
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