Broadband Equipment Repair
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Broadband Equipment Repair

Alpha’s state-of-the-art repair depots and development laboratories are strategically located worldwide offering customers comprehensive repair and refurbishment services, product improvement and research and development. An Alpha service location is never far—and with door-to-door service Alpha collects and returns equipment to virtually any region.

We Fix:

  • AC Power Supplies: Standby power supplies, inverter card assembly, AC power supply, rectifiers, converters, inverters, DC power systems, status monitoring gear, transponders, EDSM and APM/USM
  • Line Gear: Non-AGC active modules, single-pilot and dual-pilot AGC modules, feedforward modules, node amplifiers, distribution amplifiers, line extenders, amplifiers w/AGC, motherboard assembly, Housing (repair and/or clean), fiber optic node receiver/transmitter
  • Fiber Optic Equipment (Testing and Repair): Optical wavelength, optical power output, carrier to noise, signal to noise, frequency response, analog distortions, MER/BER (full digital load for operating bandwidth forward and return), DOCSIS 3.1 fabry-perot to DFB upgrades
  • Headend Equipment: Modulator/processor, modulator/demodulator/processor assembly, continuum/prizma, signal level meter, VCII, VCII plus, VCR’s, SAT receivers, DigiCipher, fiber optic headend transmitter/receiver, QAM modulators, ATSC processors, headend power supplies
  • Test Equipment: Cable TV analyzers, signal level meters, cable leakage meters, cable locators, time domain reflectometers (TDRs), onsite calibration certification

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